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Instacart Business Model Case Study

You want to watch a blockbuster at 3 am while the cable airs commercials, Netflix allows you to do that. You want a cab at your house without waiting for a cabbie to spot you, Uber allows you to do that. You want food delivered from a restaurant at the tap of a button, Doordash allows you to do that.  We are now living in a period where goods and services can be accessed instantly. However, until recently, grocery delivery was still a problem that no company had successfully. And this is where Instacart spotted an opportunity in 2012. Instacart is...

Decacorn Company Definition + Decacorn Company List

The goal of reaching a valuation of $1 billion, or in other words, becoming a 'Unicorn', is considered a milestone in the life of a startup.  But with more than 850 unicorn companies as of 2021 in the world compared to just 142 in 2015, the unicorn status has lost its charm. Startups are now setting their eyes on higher targets of becoming a ‘Decacorn’, Put simply, Decacorns are private companies having a valuation of more than $10 billion. Relative to Unicorns, Decacorns are a much more exclusive community, consisting of around 30+ companies as of 2021. Some familial examples...

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