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Unlocking Financial Stability: Your Guide to Fixed Indexed Annuities

Navigating the world of financial planning can be overwhelming, especially when seeking stability for the future. Amid the numerous options available, one financial tool stands out for its unique attributes - the Fixed Indexed Annuity. One such FIA is Allianz fixed indexed annuities,which stand as robust pillars of stability by providing a secure financial future. This article explores the mechanics and benefits of this, shedding light on their role in providing a secure financial lot. What are Fixed Indexed Annuities? Imagine a financial instrument that combines the safety of traditional fixed investments with the growth potential tied to market performance. This is...

Twitter Business Model Case Study

Twitter rose from the ashes of a failed startup called Odeo to go on to become the #1 platform for discovery and become widely recognized as the SMS of the Internet with 300 million monthly active users as of 2019. However, Twitter has had quite a controversial start with the real history of Twitter having a fourth co-founder who was fired and not given the credit he deserves, as per the story revealed by Business Insider. Let’s probe into Twitter’s true founding history first and then examine how it makes money. Twitter’s Founding Story Before Twitter was born, Evan Williams, one of its founders was flush with money...

Kickstarter Business Model Case Study

With its mission to help bring creative projects to life, Kickstarter helps finance creativity and innovation not just for art world elites but also for people that do not have a creative background, facilitating projects in various categories such as Art, Design, Journalism, Photography, and Theater. Every Kickstarter project has a clear goal such as making an album or a book and the project creator keeps 100% ownership of their work. Since its launch in 2009, 18 million people have pledged over $4.9 billion to fund more than 180,000 Kickstarter projects. But how exactly does Kickstarter work and make money?  Let's find out, but...

Ecosia Business Model Case Study

If we were to ask a random group of people to list down the search engines that they’ve used, most would say Google. A few of them, particularly millennials, might even say Bing or Yahoo.  And that’s because Google has had more than 90% market share among search engines for almost two decades now. Even in Dec 2009, when Christian Kroll, founder of Ecosia decided to launch the eco-friendly search engine, Google had more than 90% market share.  So why did he even bother starting another search engine? Well, his desire to build a business that would have a positive social impact on the...

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