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Most about pages start like this:

“We saw a problem no one else was seeing and decided to solve it.”


“We saw a problem that had existing solutions, but we knew we could build a better solution”

In our case, none of these is true.

Yes, we wanted to build something, but we didn’t know what.

To establish context, we are two guys running this website.

One is a web developer with 20+ years of experience and other is a digital marketer with 4+ years of experience.

Given our experience, we were looking to build something at the intersection of our skills.

We thought about a few options like building an Amazon price tracker, a startup incubator/accelerator listing site and a niche Affiliate site.

But none of the ideas materialized.

We were wracking up our brains for another idea when it struck us — why not create a website around business models.

That way, we could help interested folks learn about the always-changing business landscape & our experience of working in the tech world would be put to use too.

And that’s how this website came to be.

Working on the site for a few months made us realize that it would difficult for us to publish more than one article a week because we wanted to maintain a certain standard of quality & both of us have full-time jobs.

Over time, we realized that our ‘one blog per week’ restraint was not a disadvantage, but an advantage.

Because you don’t get recurring and engaged readers by publishing content in quantity.

You get them by publishing quality content.

And that became our motto:

“Publish High-Quality content even if that meant a cadence of one blog per week”

While we initially started with covering business models of companies only, we realized that we should even write about types of business models, which became our second category.

We now look at the website this way — it’s not that we should know what exactly this website will become, it’s that we should discover what it becomes.

As time progresses, we might discover new categories but even then, we think they will mostly revolve around content which could be beneficial to anyone looking to understand the business landscape or to those looking to start a business.

That’s all from us.

If you want to contribute to the blog by writing for us or have any kind of feedback, feel free to connect with us on what.is.the.business.model.of@gmail.com.

PS: We understand the website name is a bit long, but as you might have probably guessed, we started in a bit of a hurry.

Update: After seeing some success with this blog, we started another statistics focused blog named allthingsstatistics. Surprisingly, we have seen more success with this new blog than with our business blog. Some of the articles on the website are: Sxx Variance Formula, Sxx Calculator, Sxx Sxy Syy Equations, Quartiles for Grouped Data, Expected Value of X^2, Class Width, and Slovins Formula.