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Decacorn Company Meaning + Decacorn Company List

The goal of reaching a valuation of $1 billion, or in other words, becoming a ‘Unicorn’, is considered a milestone in the life of a startup.  But with more than 1000 unicorn companies as of Feb 2021 in the world compared to just 142 in 2015, the unicorn status has lost its charm. Startups are now setting their eyes on higher targets of becoming a ‘Decacorn’,

Put simply, Decacorns are private companies having a valuation of more than $10 billion. Relative to Unicorns, Decacorns are a much more exclusive community, consisting of around 49+ companies as of 2021. Some familial examples include companies such as Bytedance, SpaceX, Epic Games, etc.

The bulk of these Decacorns are located in the US, followed by China. As the time of writing, India has two decacorns — Byju’s & Swggy. Even though a diverse range of industries make the list from gaming to logistics, an interesting trend that one can easily spot is the huge number of Fintech Companies.

Here’s a complete list of Decacorns:

Company FundingValuationCountryIndustry
Bytedance$9.4 billion$140 billionChinaArtificial Intelligence
SpaceX$6.6 billion$100.3 billionUSSpace
Stripe$2.2 billion$95 billionUSFintech
Klarna$3.7 billion$45.6 billionSwedenFintech
Epic Games$5.1 billion$42 billion USOther
Canva$572.6 milion$40 billionAustraliaInternet Software & Services
Checkout.com$1.8 billion$40 billionUKFintech
Instacart$2.7 billion$39 billionUSSupply chain, logistics, & delivery
Databricks$3.5 billion$38 billionUSData management & analytics
Revolut$1.7 billion$33 billionUKFintech
FTX$1.8 billion$32 billionBahamasFintech
Chime$2.6 billion$25 billionUSFintech
BYJU’s$3.2 billion$21 billionIndia Edtech
Xiaohongshu$917.7 million$20 billionChinaE-commerce & direct-to-consumer
J&T Express$4.7 billion$20 billionIndonesiaSupply Chain
Fanatics$2.7 billion$18 billionUSE-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Miro$4.4 billion$7.5 billionUSInternet Software & Services
Yuanfudao$4.1 billion$15.5 billionChinaEdtech
DJI Innovations$105 million$15 billionChinaHardware
SHEIN$553.4 million$15 billionChinaE-commerce & direct-to-consumer
goPuff$3.4 billion$15 billionUSE-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Yuanqi Senlin$721.31M$15 billionChinaConsumer & Retail
Ripple293.8 million$15 billionUSFintech
Plaid Technologies$734.3 million$13.4 billionUSFintech
Opensea $427.2 milllion$13.3 billionUSE-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Grammarly$400 million$13 billionUSInternet Software & Services
Devoted Health$2 billion$12.6 billionUSHealth
Faire$1.1 billion$12.4 billionUSArtificial Intelligence
Brex$1.5 billion$12.3 billionUSFintech
SenseTime$2.6 billion$12 billionChinaArtificial intelligence
JUUL Labs$15.1 billion$12 billionUS Consumer & retail
Bitmain Technologies$764.7 million$12 billionChinaHardware
Biosplice Therapeutics$778 million$12 billionUSHealth
GoodLeap$800 million$12 billionUSInternet software & services
Airtable $1.4 billion$11.7 billionUSInternet software & services
ZongMu Technology$219.1 million$11.4 billionChinaAuto & transportation
Global Switch£4.9 billion$11.1 billionUKHardware
Celonis$1.4 billion$11 billionGermanyData management & analytics
Bolt$2 billion$11 billionUSFintech
Alchemy$563.9 million$10.2 billionUSFintech
Wellong$10.88 billionChinaConsumer & retail
Swiggy$4.8 billion$10.7 billionIndiaSupply chain, logistics, & delivery
Lalamove$2.5 billion$10 billionHong KongSupply chain, logistics, & delivery
Figma$332.9 million$10 billionUSInternet software & services
Gusto$691.1 million$10 billionUSFintech
Reddit$1.3 billion$10 billionUSInternet software & services
Talkdesk$497.5 million$10 billionUSInternet software & services
Notion Labs$342 million$10 billionUSInternet software & services
Thrasio$3.4 billion$10 billionUSOther

Note: Funding data & Valuation data has been sourced from Crunchbase & CB Insights respectively.

Decacorn Company Meaning + Decacorn Company List
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Decacorn Company Meaning + Decacorn Company List
Put simply, Decacorns are private companies having a valuation of more than $10 billion. Relative to Unicorns, Decacorns are a much more exclusive community, consisting of around 30+ companies as of 2021. Some familial examples include companies such as Bytedance, SpaceX, Epic Games etc.
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