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Business Models

Learn about the business models of companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook & many more

WhatsApp, the product, has had a crazy journey, and I mean that, like literally. Started by two founders who hated advertising and were pro-privacy, WhatsApp ended in the hands of Facebook -- the...
In his book Zero to One, Peter Theil, previously co-founder and venture capitalist, argued that the inherently hyper-competitive nature of restaurants makes them a mediocre business.  Here’ what he wrote in Zero to One:
Before the age of technology, it was relatively easier to lead a life private. But as our lives become increasingly digital, maintaining personal privacy has become increasingly difficult and deserving of more time and thought than earlier.
In the early days of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman did something he advises all startup founders to do; he went around and discussed the idea of LinkedIn with all the smart people in his network. 
Note: Before we dive into Quora's Business Model, we will have a brief look into Quora’s history to establish a better context. Before Adam Angelo started quora, he had a job that most engineers...
In 2012, when Evan Williams launched Medium.com, he was no newbie in the internet publishing space. Having co-founded Blogger in 1999, which was later acquired by Google and Twitter in 2006, Evan’s contribution to democratizing publishing on...
Note: Before we dive into Pinterest’s business model, we’re going to look at how Pinterest is positioned as a platform and how it works to establish a better context. Pinterest is not what most...
By July 2015, almost two years into launch, Inshorts had achieved a milestone of 1M Android App Installs with a 4.5 star rating on Google Play Store, but the company was still not fretting over monetizing the product.
Most of us know Netflix as the online streaming company that makes money by selling a monthly subscription pack to its customers in exchange for access to all the content available on their platform. 
When you hear the phrase ‘search engine’, what’s the first name that pops into your head? For most of us, the answer would be Google, right? That's because for almost two decades now, Google...